Web videos represent the next big advance in advertising, marketing and corporate communications. They are designed to entertain and inform, drawing new business to your website and guaranteeing that your organisation gets its message across with maximum effect.

Aimsmedia tailors your video production to your company’s needs. It provides the filming, editing, graphics and commentary to make your video look slick and professional.

Aimsmedia can also provide the technical skills to stream video by email. This revolutionary process brings the video back in a closed loop campaign where the viewer can watch the entire production on your website’s landing page.

Research shows that this kind of advertising and marketing campaign has increased ‘open’ rates, much higher participation figures and thereby a much greater return on investment. Web-based video advertising is poised to grow from a current value of $1 billion a year to $7 billion by 2012.

Please ask how we can help with your own web or email-based video productions